Monday, December 24, 2007

My first posting

Due to my son Ajay's continuous pressure, I have created this blog. More to come...
The original idea of this blog was by my brother Raj iyer who has always been a great motivating factor in our family.


Lavanya said...

Still waiting..When are the delicious recipes going to be posted ? :):)

AshokkumarBolan said...

Hi my beautiful wife and pyaari jeevansathi Jaya
It's highly commendable and great gesture from you to create this blog.
You have been feeding me for last 27 years with mouth watering Indian vegetarian food.(That is the secret of my good health)(I am 52 but people think I am still 40+ LOL) Once upon time I was a non.vegetarian and now I have become pure veggy, you have proved that if one can cook good veg. dishes then there is no need of trying non-veg.
Keep up the good work.
with lots of love
your hubby
Ashokkumar Bolan

Aarti said...

hi jaya chitti,
how are things at ur end!...
good to know you are planning to spread the goodness of the bolan clan culinary skills...look forward to it! :-)

Vikas said...

Dear Jayaji,

Great to see your blog, lekin sirf blog dekhen se to bhookh aur badh jaati hai!Kuch khilaiye bhi!


Iyer friends & family said...

"Due to my son Ajay's continuous pressure" - what is this, I say?! How do you think your laadla got his idea in the first place? From his maamaa (maama maama-ma...) - and I don't even get a little mention in the credits.

Cha-cha - I am very hurt. I need some badam burfi to manaofy me. :-(


Padre said...

Jaya Chitti,

What an awesome begining... the chakra pongal recipe is so simple. Way to go and look forward to reading more of your culinary secrets... cheers Nikhil

rambhadran said...

Hi from Bhadru Canada,

Hi Jaya,

Send us some Badam Barfi . Do not give all to Ashok. Are you interested in your franchise in Canada?


rambhadran said...

HI Jaya,

I will try out your receipe on the weekend. Great work. Teach me how to create a Blog.

Radha Canada

Gans said...

Jaya Chitti,

It's a gr8 start. The idea of sharing ur culinary skills is awesum...looking forward for many more dishes to come...


RKdada said...

hi jaya,
fantabulous is the word i can think of for your blog. and a great effort at that. am sure sson you will be publishing books on cookery and get more known than the khan khazaana guy!
say i would be proud if you could take some time off and send recipes to my rkbREAK yahoogroup too.
a nice idea, a pleasant effort but remember we expect much much more from you!
affectionate regards
mumbai,navi mumbai,pune

Sandhya udayshankar said...

Hey jaya chitti!
looking fwd to your blog.. Yum yum!

Renuka said...

Hi Jaya aunti, long timessss!!!
Awww....miss u guys!!
Hope u r doing well n from all da pix n messages,i know Ashok uncle hasn't changed at all.
hmmm...finally u mom's are upgrading!!!Gud gud....but srsly its gud u started dis blog 'coz i'm horrible @ cooking.Its like Chemistry to me.Ask mamma.
Anywayzzz, when i come to Dubai u can teach me how to do serious cooking.
Luv u

Jaya said...

A Big thankyou to all of you who have posted such encouraging comments on my blog.Its your motivation that will keep me going.

RKdada said...

just a thought which arose in my mind and which i thought i should share with you.
why not rechristen the blog as
JAYA's Vegetarian Delights!
this will establish your blog as different from others.
and also add a photo of yours?
do give this your considered thought!
am sure many will agree with my idea.

bolanss said...

Dear Jaya,

Congratulations and all the best for this new blog and all wellwishers will definitely look forward to try out your dishes to look as young as my brother Ashokkumar.Wishing u all success in your attempt.



AshokkumarBolan said...

Hi Jaya
As you are aware there are lot of bachelor and forced bachelors are having tough time with cooking.
Therefore Please write recipes for the following

Kadambam(Mix Veg.)Sambhar
Vendakai Sambhar
Mullangi Sambhar
Limbu Rasam
Puli Rasam
Vettha Koyyambu
Dal Tadka(Yellow)
Dal Fry
Maki Dal
Dal Makhhni
Bhatia Kadi
Spinach Molagutal
Padwal Molagutal
Matthan Molagutal(with Fried coconut)
Pavakkai(Parikay) Pithhla
Pullin gurry
Poruchu Koyyambu
Moru Kuttan
Puli O Daraai
Puli Inji
Chennai/Vaykay/Kurku Fry
Cabbage/Beans Podutuval
Chennai/Vayekai Kuttu
Ennai Kathrikay(Fried Brinjal)
Ennai Parikaay(Fried Bitter Guard)
Avial(Mix Vegetables)
Vaayyai Thandu Poriyal
Mambaaya Kutan
Potato Fry
Potato Bhaji for puri
Kare Curry
Undiyo(gujju Mix Veg.)
Sai Bhaji(sindhi palak Bhaji)
Palak Panner
Panner Bhurji
Malai Mutter
Aaloo Mutter
Methi Chamman
Bhendi Fry
Chana Masala
Baigan Bhartha
Shahi Kurma
Kadai Vegetables
Veg Kholapuri
Dum Aloo Kashmiri
Methi Chamman
Veg. Dow Pyaaza
More request will come
Thanks for reading:)

RKdada said...

i second ashok's list. further make it simple enough for husbands like me also to cook for the sweet wife, so that she can rst at times.
and by the way have you thought over my proposal to name your blog Jaya;s Vegetarian Delights?
do let me know

Roshibaba Maharaj said...

Dear Chitti,

The recepie for success is a platter of ideas mixed with a pinch of start and a beautiful garnish of enthusiasm...

Good to see you passing on your expertise to the world. Rookie chefs like myself would benefit a great deal from this.

Best wishes and great regards

bolanss said...

Dear Jaya,

My dear Ashok has given a very exhaustive list of items.However I feel You try and stick to healthy items....No cholestrol...No fat.Rich food we can always get in restaurants.What we need is simple Ghar ka Khana and Ghar ka sweets which are appetising and good for health.I am sure you will give a thought to my suggestions and come out with relevant recepies.All the best.

Sunder Anna

Jaya said...

Thanks sunder anna for your suggestions.I will start putting the basic recipes for the main course soon.
And RK your idea of changing my blog name is excellent.Will do it soon.