Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chocolate Barfi

This is one of the easiest of recipes which can be prepared in a jiffy.


Milk Powder - 3 cups
Sugar -3 cups
Nestle or Cadbury's cocoa -1 cup
Butter -1 cup
Water - 1 cup
A few cut badam ,cashew and pista nuts for garnish


1. Mix the milk powder and the cocoa thoroughly.
2. Heat water in a kadai and add the sugar.
3. When it forms a 2 string consistency add the butter.
4. Keep stirring till the butter dissolves.
5. Keeping the flame really low,start adding the milk powder and cocoa mixture.
6. Put off the gas.
7. When it becomes a mass pour it onto a greased thali.
8. Garnish with cut cashews,Badam,and pistas
9. Cut into squares when cool.


Iyer friends & family said...

Jaya - I remember eating this chocolate barfi you made. :-) Btw, what does "two string consistency" mean? It would be good to explain that for the benefit of people like me. :-)


Jaya said...

Two string consistency means the thickness of the sugar solution(chakara paagu).dissolve the sugar in water keep stirring for about ten min then when you test the paagu with your thumb and forefinger it should form a string twice.I hope this is clear.

Preety said...

this is very nice recipe and simple too

Jaya said...

Thanks Preety!This is one of the most easiest of sweet I have ever made.Will add more simple recipes soon.